Thursday, March 29, 2007


I just finished this. I've been working, off and on, for two weeks (more on than off - I tried to spend at least an hour a day embroidering, and I think I've averaged more) - and it's finally done! I'm sorry to say it's not for me - hence the ill fit on my dressform - as I'm so delighted with how it turned out, I wish it were. I have visions of popping this on over a T with an airy skirt for summer nights out on the town, or to the Pirates of the Carribbean movie in May. Alas. Perhaps I'll make another, but I doubt it. I'm tired of embroidering stars.
The low down: Eight-panel back-laced unboned underbust corset/corselet. Outer: cotton/poly blend in cotton-candy pink. Inner: linen/cotton canvas in pomegranate. Embroidery: cotton floss in taupe and navy. Lacing: large steel grommets (12), baby-blue ribbon.

more pictures:

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Online Onslaught Host said...

omg I LOVE these birds. that is a fantastic embroderiy.