Saturday, February 23, 2008

there. that's better.

oooh, posting about cake when I can SMELL dinner baking and I'm starving! Whose idea of a good time was this?

Anyhow, here they are, all finished in their glory: A whole container of vanilla-caramel cake balls. I found the candy-melt-coating a little too sweet, but I suspected that the birthday girl wouldn't mind. (she didn't)

However, just because she DID write me after I'd purchased all the ingredients and started on the vanilla cake balls to let me know that she can officially eat chocolate now, I pulled some large chunks of chocolate cake out of the freezer. It's the Old Fashioned Double Chocolate Layer Cake (I'll link it later, I think I have before anyway) at that is, hands-down, the best chocolate cake recipe of all time. It's amazing! I made it as part of a birthday cake last summer, only I baked it in round pans and cut the final cake to a square. So I bagged up chunks of the cake and froze it, figuring I'd get a dessert out of it at some point. (and it's just too good to let go to waste!)

In an ode to my winter experimentation with salted chocolate caramels, I did the chocolate cake balls up with caramel, white candy-melt-coating, and a dusting of Hawaiian red sea salts. I didn't mind the coating with these so much - the strong chocolate flavour really grounds the sweetness, and the salt was just the right touch.

All in all, easier than I'd expected. I'll have to do this again sometime. In fact, I think I have more cake in the freezer...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

this looks unappetizing ...

but trust me. It tastes great. What on earth am I doing, you might ask? I'm making cake balls!

you've never heard of cake balls? You need to spend some time with Bakerella!

No, I'm not attempting the lolly version. However, I am experimenting with flavours. Per the birthday girl's request, you see before you a mash-up of milk caramel (purchased at Sur La Table to shave some optimal hours off this stressed li'l baker's project) and a homemade vanilla cake, including the seeds of one of my Mexican vanilla beans.

My taste tester - who became rather pushy about continuing to help himself - assures me that the combination is quite good. Tomorrow I'll have a final version to show you, once I've dipped them in candy melts and given the tops a little joie de vivre, courtesy of the giant round sprinkles I found, in the "Monet" palette.

Forgot to get pics of the art when we went to Knight from Olmedo tonight. Hopefully I'll have some soon and you can see why I haven't posted in forever - the four-by-five-FOOT canvas sucked up all of my time for the first five weeks of the quarter. Now, if only they'd stop selling concessions in front of it. It would be nice if it were, you know, VISIBLE. hmph.