Sunday, September 16, 2007

radio silence

sorry about that. I've been trying to really finish this history book, get another painting done, complete the most important parts of my summer to-do list, all while continuing to step up my exercise program (three days of yoga a week, darn my lazy self, DO IT), and de-stress because - for some reason - everyone around me keeps telling me that I'm stressed out. The really disconcerting thing here is that I don't *feel* like I'm stressed out. Which either means I'm giving off some weird vibes that should be corrected, or else I'm actually fairly stressed and I can't even notice it. I worry that the latter has great potential for truth, because Cassidy has this awful little habit of being right about these sorts of observations, darn him and his psychology degree.

So yes. But in the meantime (this weekend, and perhaps further), I've been grounded completely because the back pain I've been having finally drove me to a chiropractor. I have a long appt. for Monday (in which I really hope to get some serious adjustment, there wasn't much today and I am disappointed). However, today's initial visit produced a diagnosis of a sprained secrum which has resulted in standard sprain treatment: icing, wrapping (don't get me started on this secrum belt I have to wear 6 hours a day), and of course, not moving. Which pretty much translates to, lie around all day. It's only Saturday and I'm insanely bored. AND I'm not working on those things I really needed to get done, which is doing nothing for this elusive stress level I seem to be transmitting.

argh. So. A quick peek at something I completed a couple weeks ago, before I head back to bed to - what else? - lie down while icing my secrum some more. I fell in LOVE with a Natalia Barilli piece I saw in my September Lucky magazine (under the "Best New Designers" feature): a leather-wrapped pearl necklace. Since I had scrap leather, leather needles, and an old faux-pearl necklace (from my 8th grade graduation 13 years ago, no less) on hand, I simply tore the old necklace apart, restrung, covered the pearls, and covered the original clasp with a leather bow. Neat! We'll see how well it holds up - there are a LOT of holes in this leather and it's under considerable pressure, given how tightly I wrapped the pearls - but at least I didn't drop $300 on the sucker.

alright. I'm feeling that lower back start to burn, so I'm off to silence the beast. Hopefully, it won't take me so long to post again. Trust me, there are plenty of projects a'brewing.

take care!


Felicia said...

Very pretty necklace :)

ellen said...

Hope your back is feeling fine by now. Back problems are the pits.