Wednesday, October 17, 2007

forward thinking

my sewing machine died two days ago with an utterly dramatic sparking plug and fantastic running pell-mell (despite the pedal being untouched). Truly, I don't think Sarah Bernhardt could have done it better.

I'm in the process of shopping for a Singer. My last was a New Home, and 15 years old now. We could rewire the plug, but it's been through a lot of abuse, clacks loudly and frequently gets tired (at which point, all sewing is DONE for the day, as it will just snarl thread, snap bobbins, and chew fabrics when it is out of sorts), so I think it may just be time to move on to my next relationship.

In the meantime, however, I'm still trying to work on solstice gifts, in order to bank time for that lap quilt I'm really hoping to finish on time. Here's what I did tonight: amythests knotted on cotton cord, silk ribbon ties, with a vintage silver leaf charm and some sparkly bobbles just for fun. I really like this one, the stones feel large enough to be embracing a bold/primitivist/earthy trend, and the feather is perfect for my intended recipient. I think this would be particularly lovely next spring, with a crisp white - or better, black - blouse.

Anyhow, I hope she likes it.


Willow said...

I just read your comment on yarnstorm and had to find out who it was who wrote such a pithy and entertaining comment. And, well, of course, it is so obvious--another native Oregonian transplanted to SoCal!

tomasjoshua said...

Saw that you wanted to purchase the beard cap.

you can get it from a shop in iceland called kronkron.

they dont have a website, but you can contact them on their myspace.

im pretty sure they wouldnt have any problem sending you one


Anonymous said...

Hi..just read your comment on Posie Gets Cozy (Oct.25). We up here in Northern Calif. are sure thinkin' of ya down there. I have an Aunt & Uncle in Garden Grove, which isn't near the fire, but they are definitely feeling the air quality. Anyway, best to you.