Thursday, December 20, 2007

spring comes early?

I have been working and working and working on this thing all through fall quarter and FINALLY, I tacked up the lining with a blind hem, and it's done! Well, maybe. the neckline, yoke seam, and hem are all trimmed in palestrina knots in pale blue. I think I may very well do the same to the armholes, just for consistency's sake.

So yes. here it is. My tribute to Jenny Gordy's inspiring jumpers. I bought this 100% wool navy suiting fabric for a song at, laundered it thrice (on hot water, oh the abuse!) to shrink/full it as much as I figured it would, thereby giving me a washable wool to work with, not to mention its lovely nubby organic texture. The yoke is self-lined, but the body (as I've sensitive skin and am prone to the "itchies") is lined with soft microfiber T shirt knit in a pale celadon that nearly matches the embroidery.

So, in short, I have a comfy-cozy pull on jumper that feels like something I want to sleep in. It looks darling with flats, I think, but I chose the wool so that, with thick tights, a long-sleeved henley, and some boots, I could don it in January for teaching days.


Mozilla said...

wow the jumper is very cute and I love the painting. Great job!

Claire said...

Great jumper. Love the shoes too!