Tuesday, May 27, 2008

think of it this way, brother:

you just get two Christmas presents this year. One in May/June, one on the actual holiday. After we got back from Mexico, I was so darned sick I couldn't quilt. Then I was sick on spring break. I was quilting 15 min every evening for weeks...and finally finished. I edged it with palest green binding, washed it, dry-cleaned it (he's allergic to cats, of which I have one), and sent it off.

I count it one more duck in my row before I move. I really like how it turned out. =)

oh yeah. I also finished my master's degree today. Expect more posts in the future =)

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Cocoa Pod said...

Amazing quilt, Sarah! Not Grandma style at all! I am glad that your brother appreciates art (or, I hope he does).