Tuesday, June 3, 2008

oh, you...

dear anthropologie -

Just when I thought it might be over between us, you go and release your June catalogue with a theatre story, with rich hues and even a nod to the old-fashioned limelight. I misjudged you, I was wrong. Here's to you, for making summer more interesting than beaches and bikinis.

your girl always,

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Cocoa Pod said...

Haha! I never go to Anthropologie anymore. I know I will fall in love with everything, than feel wistful all month. I wish there was an Anthropologie shop here, I would permanently live near the sale rack.

Thank you so much for the tea suggestions! They sound fantastic.

*giggles* at your shoe comment. I have done a similar thing to my own photo! haha! And I was so excited to remember it was *MY* photo.