Monday, February 2, 2009

turning turning turning

Depending on your calendar, february 2nd is the start of spring. In our northen clime, it's when we turn the garden, feed the soil, prepare to start the cycle over again.

This is when we clear the house of any remaining vestiges of winter, and prepare for the onset of spring! We also cleared out the over-wintering garden: carrot soup and roasted beets with kale and spinach salad for dinner, we feed ourselves with the legacy of last year, bringing to light the roots that have been hidden under snow and under wet black earth, growing in the secret dark of winter.

Next weekend (I had papers this weekend, ack!) I'll finish weeding the garden and turn it, and add coffee grounds. Then we'll plant peas. Just like that.

Tonight we have candles, but before too long we'll have lingering sunsets painting a summer sky; tonight we dream of green budding sprouting growing things, but before too long we'll have a harvest.
What plans are you laying?

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