Monday, March 23, 2009

do you have a FLAG?

dear friend,

do you remember how I promised to make you a flag for your kingdom?

well, I hope these will do. Winging your way, birthday girl!

PS. I made lots in case you wanted to use them for, say, a reception table or something. (wink, nudge)


These little garlands sure are a lot of work; I suppose they don't have to be, but I like it when all their little edges are finished and sealed inside, and they are washable and therefore durable. I think, if you're going to go through the bother of putting one of these together, you should a.) like the fabrics and b.) make it to last and be reuseable! So I back all of my triangles in the same fabric, sew on two sides, turn, press. I trim the tops, and then slip them into the ties that hold them together - this time I used seam binding (almost 60 feet of it!) for my "strings/ties."


Kristina said...

Lovely! I love the festive-ness of those flag garlands, and stringing them around an entranceway certainly looks like a lot of fun!

fleur_delicious said...

thanks, Kristina!

I know, I had so much fun hanging these up, I really wished they were for me! I got to thinking maybe I'll make a batch for myself again, someday - when I can stand to do all that pressing again.