Tuesday, August 11, 2009

just us

another quiet night at home, music on, candle lit, a bottle of wine and a nice dinner and dessert together. We sat on the couch and ate and talked and clinked glasses and analyzed this wine (Big O Wine's 2007 Chardonnay): I said peach with a faint hint of anise lingering after; he figured out that there's banana at the end, too, and there's a middle note of warm vanilla.

Pears with Blue Cheese:

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Toast a handful of walnuts (approx 7 min in hot oven). Remove walnuts when they become fragrant and are lightly toasted; set aside.

Cut two pears in half and core (we used Taylor Gold). Melt 1-2 Tbl. butter in a skillet over med-high heat. When melted, place pears, cut side down, in the pan. Cook until pears are golden-brown and beginning to soften.

Transfer pears to a baking dish, cut side up. Stuff the hollow where the core was with blue cheese, mounding it slightly. Place the pears in the preheated oven and bake, perhaps 7-10 min, or until they are tender. If you like, switch to the broiler and brown the cheese a little.

Remove pears from oven, sprinkle with the walnuts, and drizzle all with honey.

Mm-mm; perfect for a mellow night in with your sweetie!


Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog with much delight for several years and I really think your photos are fabulous. That photo of the pears with blue cheese is over the top in sensuality, seduction, creativity and health and fun. I think after several years of analyzing your blog that you should really do a cook book. this is gourmet health food for lovers. lovers of food, health and passion. seriously, the photos alone are killers and the recipes. I dont think you have any competition in this particular area. I am not sure if you are vegetarian? But you have a winner. quit your day job right away and start on this cook book. I have printed out many of your recipes. yum.the photos seduce one right away. Run dont walk to the nearest publisher. Go for it.

fleur_delicious said...

Anonymous - this is high praise! Thank you, so very, very much for your generous and kind comments! I'm so glad you've enjoyed this place and that it's inspired you - and who knows, maybe someday there will be a pacific rain cook book? And in answer to your question, no, I'm not a vegetarian, but we only eat meat/fish a couple times a week around here - that way, when we do eat it, we splurge on the good stuff (and good wine, where most of the food budget goes!)

I hope you'll keep reading - and thank you again, this really made my day.