Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summer To-Do:

New things to try out:
rosemary lemon rhubarb spritzer

make champagne rhubarb jelly

make and can pear chutney (Donna Hay Entertaining)
make and can watermelon pickles
forage rosehips in the city, make and can rosehip jam or rosehip marmalade

leather link necklace like this one from handle and spout
finish doo.ri-inspired beaded tights

silk-over-wood necklace

maybe smock another necklace?

To Sew:

Colette Patterns' Ceylon dress in purple lambswool flannel
Colette Patterns' Sencha blouse in either floral-print swiss dot OR my striped silk broadcloth
Vintage Vogue dress in red merino wool jersey
Very Easy Vogue T-shirt with drapey hem in either microfiber jersey or (tank version) silk charmeuse
Make peacock-motif wax-print fabric into a blouse!
Vogue skirt, adapted into maxi skirt - sewn from???
soft blocks for Tristan

To Read:
Orlando or The Waves, Woolf (because summer begins with Woolf)
In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower, Proust (because I loved Swann's Way)
Mont Saint Michel and Chartres, Henry Adams (Herb's recommendation for the Europe trip)
a collection of writings by William Morris that I bought (because I loved News from Nowhere)

To Write:
get Thorne and golem papers ready for publication?

To paint:
finish Lance
paint Liz

start building backyard woodland garden.
Install small raised beds for vegetables (and strawberry plants) along fence?
(plant beans along fence for short term/this summer).

plant wishlist: honeysuckle; peonies; big classic red poppies; lupine (blue or pink? blue or pink?) a bunch of ferns, giant hostas, and some more red huckleberries for the deep shade; more acanthus mollis and some foxglove; perhaps some raspberry canes? Maybe some columbine? English daisies? (I have a strong craving for an old fashioned flower garden at this place, can you tell?)

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thistlewitch said...

Champagne rhubarb jelly? YUM. My mom makes a mean rhubarb-ginger jam. Let me know if you want to try that. It's the best jam I've had in years!