Sunday, June 6, 2010

following-up on to-dos: summer necklace

remember how I made this post to remind myself to copy these looks? Well, one's done at least: here's my version of that long necklace that I liked. Only mine isn't made from glass pearls and polyester ribbon: I used a cotton tape ribbon with a woven (not printed) stripe, and white howlite beads, because I play with pearls a lot and figured I could stand to shake things up.

Still looking for just the right gauge of metal mesh to make those earrings, but I did learn that the little rhinestones on them are just epoxyed on, so now I'm confident that I can pull off a pair of my own.

In other news, I placed an order with a local nursery, Burnt Ridge, which specializes in fruiting shrubs and trees. They have great prices and a nice selection of native plants, so I've ordered mock orange, red huckleberries, nootka roses, golden currants, and hopefully one thundercloud elderberry to start building the framework of the new garden. I'm excited to start the moving soon - hopefully tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Do you have a tutorial on how you made this necklace? I've been eyeing it on the website and love your version!!

fleur_delicious said...

hi there! It's actually really easy! You want to have one needle and a long thread for each string of beads you want on the finished necklace. Choose which side of your ribbon is the "back side" and which is the "front." Knot all the threads and pull them through your ribbon from the back to the front. Do this at regular intervals in a horizontal line about 1" from the edge so that your strings are evenly spaced across the ribbon. Leave the raw edge to finish later. String your beads. You'll want to put more beads on the lowest string, and fewest on the highest string. Adjust the numbers of each so they'll lay nice and flat when you swoop them in a U-shape rather than buckling over each other. Stitch back through your ribbon on the other side, entering your needle from the "front" side of the ribbon and knotting on the "back." Again, stitch the lines of beads through your ribbon at regular intervals, and do this 1" from the edge of the ribbon. Knot the threads. Now, finish the ribbon edges off: fold the edge of your ribbon up half an inch toward the "back" side of the ribbon (basically, bring the edge of the ribbon to the line of your knots). Then fold it up again. Now the knots should be kind of trapped in a neat fold. Stitch up your ribbon on the sides, and add a few tiny stitches along the top fold just to hold the fold together (don't stitch this fold to the front, or you will see the stitches). Repeat on the other side. If you click on my image, you can see a larger version, and you should be able to make out the stitches I made on the side because (silly me!) I didn't use matching thread. good luck! I could see this working with a lot of different types of beads and different types of ribbons! You don't even need a clasp if you make it long enough - mine is about 24" altogether, so I just pull it over my head.

Sal said...

Holy moly, doll. That necklace is GOOOOORGEOUS! Well done indeed.

fleur_delicious said...

thanks, Sal!