Wednesday, December 22, 2010

handmade holidays #11: simple green (earrings, that is)

don't you just love this colour? This was my favorite colour in childhood; I kept it secret, though. It was "snot green" and "puke green" to most other children, and I knew well enough not to admit that, weirdo that I was, I used to colour things in in the colouring books with my olive crayon just to admire the colour on the page. I claimed I loved red. Which I do. But chartreuse and olive will always have a special place in my heart.

I'm not even sure if these are agates or some kind of jade - but I like them! I picked up the stones somewhere - Cali? Washington? I don't know - in the past few years, figuring I'd make earrings with them. I had originally planned to make a little cluster of garnet drops drape the tops of these stones, but while I was making earrings and playing in my box of beads and bead supplies, I found these little ...whaddya call 'ems? Pop-on...somethings? pendants? I don't know. Found these little metal bits and fit them to the green stone beads. Added some simple silver earwires. Because I can't wear giant tassels in my ears every day, but I can wear olive and chartreuse any day I want.

Speaking of chartreuse ... wait 'til you see my next sewing project. Hope to have it finished/posted tomorrow - so I'd better get to work!


Zia Madeira said...

These are beautiful! I have an infatuation with this color myself. My living room is a slightly darker shade of it, and I am in the middle of making a peridot necklace with silver findings. My husband gets to constantly restrain me from buying household items that resemble the color. It's rather popular right now, so the temptations are abundant! Thanks for sharing, I really enjoy your blog and admire your skills.

fleur_delicious said...

thank you, Zia! Oh, I love peridot! Such a pretty stone!

I hope you'll stop back in a few days - I am making my mother a chartreuse silk slip/nightgown for Christmas. I am crazy about the colour of the fabric, so glad there will be leftovers to make a camisole for myself!

ukrainian girl said...

I like. This is really cool.