Monday, January 24, 2011

new skirt

ever since I saw Kayte's post on fashion week last September, I've been meaning to make a skirt with an uneven hem and a lot of fullness in the back. It took me forever, but I think this is a good start! I used a simple Vogue pattern but redrafted every piece, cutting a single back panel into four, removing a ruffle, etc. etc. I left it unlined so that I can wear it in autumn as well as winter; though the seams really show (because of the colour contrast between right and wrong sides of the fabric), I'm okay with it. It's made from Vera Wang lambswool herringbone in tangerine and rust - so it's not just bright and swishy, it's also warm!
I still want to make a maxi skirt with an even more exaggerated hem, from a lighter-weight fabric for spring or summer. I feel a bit old to be shopping at Free People (for things other than socks and shoes, mind you; I found these Sanita clogs deeply discounted on their site in December), but I gotta tell ya, I am really in love with their maxi dresses and maxi skirts right now - so inspiring!

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VDOprincess said...

This is adorable, and it looks super cozy. I want one with tights.