Sunday, April 24, 2011

while we're on the subject - another winged headdress

So, last year (last year? I think?) I saw this picture of Rumi (from fashion toast - not one of my regular reads, but occasionally I like to go indulge and paw through shots of Rumi's outfits) wearing a reid peppard headdress. Hadn't ever heard of reid peppard before. Loved the headdress, but - yipe! - it's 350 gbp. As of today, that's $578 USD. Ouch!

It took me 5-6 weeks to find taxidermied bird wings online that weren't old (as in, Victorian/Edwardian) turkey wings (too big!!). I went with a pair of starling wings from etsy seller okiedokieartichoky, as they are slightly more diminuitive and - again - I do plan to sport my new headdress when teaching/at the university. I ordered some metal headbands, and covered one of them with a bit of leather from a leather jacket I thrifted, then applied the wings with tacky glue. There is a small patch of leather on the inside of each wing, that covers the headband and part of the wing on either side - just for added stability. Pretty simple, really!


Franca said...

wooo, cool! I would not be brave enough to wear this but it looks great!

Anonymous said...

Bach is awesome. I would say the Bach Cello Suites are awesome, but if you say Bach then what he composed is awesome it just seems redundant! Beaded tights and organza skirt sounds awesome, too. Maybe awesome and organza is also redundant.... ;-) Hope u r having a sunny day in the PNW, if that's probable.

Katie, Interrobangs Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever told you that you look like Imogen Heap? Mayhaps it's just the camera angle, but I thought you were her at first. And she's absolutely gorgeous, as are you.

fleur_delicious said...

thank you for the hat love!

Franca, I could totally see you pulling this look off. =) Also, I don't know what's happened to that red hat you sent me. I need a new beanie! Are you still making and selling them?

Anonymous, we did have some pale weak sunshine today (it counts!)

And wow, Katie, no one has ever told me that, that's very flattering -thank you!

Anonymous said...
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fleur_delicious said...

dear anonymous troll -

don't be nasty. I've absolutely no intention to go into business selling these things, just as I have absolutely no funds nor intention of buying one of the originals. Thus, I am not affecting peppard's business in any way. If anything, by wearing it, I'm actually advertising his product (though peppard uses pigeon wings and I used starling wings).

It's called DIY, and it's not a crime to do it well.

Now, grow up. There are more important things to do with your time than be nasty and bitter to people you don't even know. If you want to be nasty and bitter on the internet, you ridiculous creature, go start your own blog and spew your hate frrom a centralized location.