Friday, April 6, 2012

still blustery here

though we're starting to see some sunny days, most of them are pretty cold (we barely make it into the 50s by the middle of the afternoon), and sun and showers alternate (case in point: my laundry that was drying outside just got soaked in a sudden shower - whoops! Such is spring!). So, while things are still a little stormy-wintery, and while there is still interesting citrus available at the grocery store, I've canned a couple more jars of cured lemons and (above) made my first-ever batch of marmalade.

I used Martha Stewart's recipe for seville orange marmalade, but threw two whole vanilla beans (I cut a slit down the length of the pods) into the fruit mass while it cooked, to give a sweet mellow counterpoint to the sharp piquancy of these tart oranges. Turned out pretty good - I will definitely be keeping this recipe on hand to make again!

(plus, my advisor likes marmalade. I feel like one of these pretty weck jars is a nice - if small - thank-you for all the feedback and help he gives.)

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