Monday, June 17, 2013

foraged, found 2013: salmonberry pie

Two weeks ago we were up in the mountains, visiting my in-laws and digging in for the first berry-picking of the season: salmonberries! I was going to make a beautiful salmonberry tart, but then I had too much of two of the foods I am allergic to (eggs and dairy) early in the week and spent three days bedridden, the pains in my stomach so bad I couldn't stand. I missed my friend's art show opening (sigh) and other friends' dissertation defenses. Kind of sad - but, such is life. Sometimes it's hard to tell people "I'm sorry, but I cannot eat the nice thing you made for me because it will make me very sick."

So, those salmonberries were a little limp by the time I got back to them; and they need to be nice and firm for a salmonberry tart. Plus, I usually make a little infused custard/cream base for them to sit on - I only use one egg in the whole thing, and add mochi flour to help thicken instead - but I was no longer in any kind of shape to digest any fraction of an egg. So instead, I made a pie!

Salmonberries are really wet; it took me four tries to get this fruit thick enough that it would hold up when cut, but it was a success!

How does it taste? A bit like cherries and cinnamon, I've always thought. I took it in to Cassidy's work to thank them for their hospitality - and they left me one piece, which I ate the morning before my own dissertation defense last week.

Oh - did I mention? I passed! I submitted on time and I am officially a PhD now. Everyone keeps asking me how I feel, and what I want to do now ... and I don't know what the answer is to either question. I have a little loan money to get me through the summer, so I plan to take some time and get back to doing more of the things I used to enjoy (sewing, painting, making of all kinds) and see if I can get a little clarity about what I want to do with my life after reconnecting with it.

Our annual Midsommar party is this weekend. Ready for pictures of gravlax and beets? =)

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Abigail said...

Congrats on the PhD! The pie is gorgeous. And I wish I could be there for Midsommer. Can't wait to see the pictures, at least!