Tuesday, August 20, 2013


This has been a summer of scrunch-dyed scarves! Here are the latest; I'm starting to get quite a pile of these folded up in a sheet of tissue in my bedroom. I want to try another one today, and reduce the amount of dye I use to create more blank space/white patches in the mix.
a recent 45" square dyed with a weak solution of oxblood red, a little bit of navy, and a bit of deep yellow
this one makes me think of a misty field of heather - or, my husband suggested, cherry blossoms on a grey day. I don't remember the dyes I used on this - I think it might have been aqua, forest green, and a little bit of oxblood?

I think I used forest and chartreuse and aqua on this one; I thought it was too bright, but all of my friends and family on facebook chimed in that it was just fine. Cass thought so, as well. He told me, "sometimes you have to go bright! They can't all be pastel!"

And here I made  a mistake and dyed a smaller 35" scarf that I'd been saving to make another one of these moon phases scarves for myself. Oops! I'll have to order another! This blackberry combo is the result of mixing navy, aqua and warm black.

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