Friday, September 20, 2013

a look back

as the day clouds up and the weekend forecast is full of storms and rain, it's hard to believe it was ever so warm that I blocked the sun out of the house from morning until noon. My anemones flourished, a profusion of pink blooms waving on six-foot-tall stalks. They've all faded now, and I've since cut the bloom stalks back. The leaves remain, lush and green, but the crinkling edges of the leaves on the King George currant promise that it won't be long before those fade, too. 

I dyed two more scarves during those hot summer days. The one above is perhaps my favorite of the lot, gorgeous soft lavender and copper like a penny.

This one is more berry-hued, with bronzed forest greens. Both were attempts to recreate with dyes a beautiful sight one evening, on a long drive home: the sun was just setting. The last golden rays had turned a fir bronze. That tree glowed against a pale lavender sky, and the moon rose like a creamy golden pearl.

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