Monday, January 13, 2014

project 52:16

(woodburning tool and acrylic wash on birch)

Okay, so I'm falling into a rut here (or is it a pattern?) that I don't want to be in. While project 52 means that I'll be posting weekly all year, without fail, I don't want project 52 to become the sole topic of my blog. It might comprise a majority of posts this year, but when I realize that I've posted nothing in the last three weeks except for project 52 posts, I feel a little bummed. Of course, the holidays were a little busier than normal this year, and I was sick for two weeks with a bad headcold and had to really rest and do NOTHING (ugh, I'm so terrible at sitting still and resting!), so when I take stock of the last three weeks I realize that what I'm really feeling anxious and uncomfortable about is being sick and having to rest. I think the fact that the winter clouds and rain have settled in are also making it difficult to be productive; the days are getting longer, but it's been very dark the past week and Cass and I really have been like hibernating bears ourselves! But now that I'm feeling better, I have this strong urge to make more things and get back to posting more than just project 52 every week. It's also supposed to be sunny later this week and I think I might try and get out and start sprucing up the garden for early-season/cool-season planting, as a little outdoor time would probably do me a whole world of good after weeks of being cooped up indoors.

The good news is that I found some exciting and new-to-me citrus yesterday and I have a recipe to share with you tomorrow.

But that's tomorrow. For now, let's talk about this postcard. I love the way that the grain of the birch card makes it look like it's raining, even though I snapped the photo that I as a model on a dry (albeit dark) New Year's Day. Cass and I were headed down to the art museum to see a gorgeous exhibit of Peruvian art and artifacts, and the car started shaking and shuddering just as we arrived at the museum. I convinced Cass to take it to the dealership (where we just had the brakes fixed a couple months ago). We were able to drop it there and then we decided, what the heck? Let's go to the Museum anyway! So we walked back to the Museum to see the exhibit; afterward, I snapped this photo as we walked up into Belltown to find a Car2Go to take us home. That service has been such a lifesaver every time the car breaks down (which has been twice in the last three months)! I have always loved these Public Market signs; maybe it's a little touristy, but I find their red neon so cheery in the dark. It always makes me smile.


Anonymous said...

I love this one. It is so neat how it looks like rain. I love those little happy accidents.

I got a woodburning tool to make Christmas gifts a few years ago. I should get that out. Where do you get the postcards you use?

fleur_delicious said...

Hi Carolyn! I've got to add your blog to my blogroll; I love having all these ways to keep up with you ladies in the hometown. It's really nice to swap recipes and craft ideas!

I got my post cards online at a place called Night Owl Paper Goods. Here's the link to the postcard:

They have so many new sizes now, even square ones! Those 7X7 size cards would be fun to try, wouldn't they?