Tuesday, April 15, 2014

project 52:29

acrylic on paper

prints available here

Well, once again I seem to be falling into the bad habit of posting only project 52 cards on my blog. Rest assured, I have a handful of lovely things going on right now - another dress for Months and Years, one painting nearly finished, and another about halfway done, but they're all rather time consuming (especially that dress), so I'm getting there rather slowly. And of course, as the weather warms up, my head is turned by all things gardening. Not only are the dicentra (bleeding hearts) blooming back in the shade garden under the doug fir grove, the currants (both red and yellow) and blooming, tulips and iris and fritillarias are going strong, roses are leafing out, poppies sown in January are getting their first true leaves, and the lillies are coming up like gangbusters. It's an exciting time. I bought three little packs of annuals at the garden store last weekend - salvia, snapdragons, and stocks - and tucked them in around the garden beds, for just a little extra fun (and hummingbird/butterfly appeal!), and I've sown a prodigious number of flower seeds in little pots and set the out on the deck to try and coax them up (everything from dahlias and sky and ice flower - grown from old seed ... fingers crossed, but hopes aren't high! - to hollyhocks, english daisies, nicotiana, and sweet peas). I was going to go out and sow carrots this morning, but the clouds are moving in quickly and I'm starting to think that maybe I'll just sew and paint and read today and have something *else* to share with you all the sooner.


SewTypical said...

Nice painting - love the color combo...
Are you doing a project of 52 cards to compile a collection?

I've always (acrylic) painted size 5x7. Just a week ago, I bought some 16x20 canvas and plan to do about 15 paintings in that larger size, so I could show/sell them somewhere.

I haven't even done the first one yet, though. It's a bit of an adjustment moving to a larger size.
:-) Chris

fleur_delicious said...

Hi Chris!

Thank you for your nice compliments on the painting! I'm trying to work on loosening up and getting a bit more gestural. I have a tendency to be really tight; it's not always a good quality in a painter.

The 52 postcards are for my brother; project 52 is his birthday present - a handmade postcard, with a note, every week for an entire year. If anyone's compiling a collection, it's him! But I do keep all the photos in a file together and it's kind of cool to go through them all from time to time. But mostly, this is just a consistent act of reconnection, building family ties - and maybe the coolest birthday present I've come up with in a while. =)

It's been a similar adjustment factor for me, trying to shift to the smaller size! When I work on canvas, I'm usually working on a 24X30 size or larger. I think it's good to stretch ourselves like this, to learn about working in new proportions!

Tell me, do you have plans for the topic or themes of your collection of larger paintings? What do you envision?

SewTypical said...

wow - that is a great present! so thoughtful & creative...

Mostly, I tend to paint the ocean and/or palm trees. I just like them :-)

I started one of the 16x20 canvases and I'm basically painting a larger version of a painting I originally did in the 5x7 size. I thought that would be an easier way to start getting used to the larger format. Wish me luck!

Just for fun, I put some of my paintings up on Saatchionline: http://www.saatchiart.com/TransparentLook

I don't have that many - Really, I'm just a beginner.