Friday, November 7, 2014

At last!

Summer's Queen (Portrait of Shannon O). Oilbar and graphite on canvas. 18X24. 2014.

Finally finished this commissioned portrait that I've been working on all summer. As it was a gift (and a surprise) for the subject's husband, I couldn't post any updates about this anywhere until after I'd sold it and left a few days for the gift to be given. So, here it is! As there won't be any prints made of this commissioned portrait, I don't have professional photos, just this one above - snapped rather late in the day, as you can tell by the shadows - and the one below, which is slightly better, but a bit gray (owing to being taken on a dark October morning before I sold the painting to my patron). Still, I think this queen of summer shines: 


Carolyn Williams said...

Absolutely beautiful! The details are incredible.

fleur_delicious said...

Thank you, Carolyn! The details are what turned this into a 4-month project, as there were long drying periods while all that fine work cured.

The flowers were one area where I had full autonomy, so I painted a bunch of my favorites. I love poppies and anemones - the latter feature prominently in another painting I finished this summer, which I *do* have to have photographed, but hope to share soon!