Sunday, May 10, 2015



Wow, things have been quiet around here. April (and May) are, as it turns out, really busy months for my new professional career. In fact, I've been pushing myself so hard at work that I've actually been sick (very sick) for the past two weeks with a bad headcold.

While it's rather boring to sit around blowing your nose and coughing and drinking tea and binge-watching Netflix because you're too tired and worn out to read a book or think or go for a walk in the beautiful sunny weather, the whole sitting-on-the-couch-under-many-blankets business is very conducive to finishing small handicrafts like handsewn felt rabbits.

This rabbit's name is Maggie.

Maggie is actually a kit made by the clever, magical Alicia Paulson of the blog Posie Gets Cozy. (one of my all-time favorite corners of the web; I've been following along with Alicia for, gosh, maybe even 10 years now? Time flies.) Here's a link to go scope the pattern out if you'd like to make one for yourself. There are a whole bunch of other animals now: a cat and a mouse and a deer and even a fox, each with their own charming little outfits. Maggie's ears are lined with cute pink Liberty fabric, and she wears a Liberty peasant dress and a little handknit capelet (I got help on that one from my MIL) and lace-up felt boots.

Maggie is rather patiently enduring being folded a little tightly and stuffed in a box at the moment; she's headed up North to meet the youngest member of my husband's family this week, whom I hope enjoys playing with her even more than I did this afternoon! =)

More works-in-progress being finished up this week; I have at least another post ready to go. Is this my return to blogging? Yeesh, let's hope so. I can't believe how dusty it's gotten around here.


Alicia P. said...

Aw she's absolutely perfect!!! And I truly hope you're feeling better -- I swear I've had a cold on and off since October -- it sucks! Xo

fleur_delicious said...

Thank you, thank you! I may need to make more Maggies ... demands were made when this one was sent!

And yes, FINALLY well again (oh dear, knock wood). I swear, between the month-long cold in November and the month-long cold in April/May, I must surely be done with colds for the next three years, right? I've had my fill!

Wishing you a lovely summer, Alicia! =)