Wednesday, November 7, 2007

five things

Liz of be present, be here has invited all interested parties to name five good things. It's been another one of those helluvaweek this week, and after an evening out that was marred somewhat by intense, stabbing eyestrain-induced headaches, I think I could use a little positive reflection.

1.) Cassidy. I almost put a pic of him up, but I don't know if he'd want me to. This guy is my favorite person in the whole wide world. He keeps me grounded, he makes me laugh, he shows me daily that he loves me. He's a real catch, this one.

2.) My new assignment. I dare not elaborate too much, at least, not until the letters are signed and it's all official. Suffice to say, a huge weight is potentially off my shoulders for next quarter.

3.) My friends. Something I love about growing older has been building a community of the amazing, talented, intelligent, charming folks I meet. My friends are incredible people. One of them took this amazing photo last summer.

4.) My work is done for the night. I could do more, but heck. My eyes are strained. No reason to read in this dim light. Oh, plus, we need more light. Which equals lamps. Yay, we can get lamps this weekend! Required shopping!

5.)I'm going to either a.) go sew or b.) watch The Queen - do note: this will not count as eyestrain. =)

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