Monday, March 31, 2008

spring break

finishline. oilbar and white charcoal on natural linen canvas. 24" X 36". 2008

I didn't get much done over spring break. I awoke the day after my students' final exam with a sore throat. It was the day of my big dinner, which I didn't want to cancel. So I didn't. That probably didn't help things any. Last Wednesday I finally went to the doctor where I was diagnosed with pink eye (I know this disease really freaks some people out. It doesn't really freak me out. It's also rampant in the population right now, and seeing as it's highly contagious, I'm not really surprised.) AND a cold. I was a bit bummed about the last part. I was hoping that the terrible cold was being caused by the pink eye and that everything would thus go away with some antibiotics - however, I was pleasantly surprised that my cold improved very much in the first 24 hours on antibiotics, which leads me to think that some of it, at least, was The Pink Eye's fault.

Anyhow. I was also prescribed bedrest, doctor's orders. I wasn't even supposed to paint or sew or read (the above clearly demonstrates that I did not adhere to this policy 100%). So, it was a dull break, and a bit depressing. I got myself all worked up with worry about my thesis, silly worries that were dispelled this morning as I sat on a sunny bench with my coffee and my notebook in downtown SB and finished writing my Cripple of Inishmann section (by hand) in the cool air. I wish I'd just worked on it throughout spring break; I feel at least 3 times happier today than I have for the last few days.

I did work on a dress, which I may abandon once it's done (it's rather fluffy and was more an experiment in the "what happens if I ..." vein than a serious undertaking). Anyhow. I will try to finish it this week and post soon!

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Claire said...

Very pretty! Can't wait to see the dress. Maybe if I kept that sort of thinking in mind when contemplating sewing projects, I'd actually do some. As it is, my high hopes intimidate me far too much.