Friday, July 10, 2009


You told me not to make a fuss, but it really wasn't a fuss; it was my pleasure.

Dinner: roasted peppers wrapped around either a.) smoked mozzarella and basil or b.) chevre and chopped herbs; a big bowl of fresh-picked peas from the garden (crisp and uncooked, just de-stringed); a bowl of vegan yam and sage gnocchi topped with olive oil, salt, pepper, a touch of parm and a generous sprinkling of chopped thyme blossoms.

... and dessert:

Lemon-curd strawberry tarts with lemon thyme and lavender. Pastry crust has a touch of lavender and the faintest bit of cinnamon. I decided to take the time (aka: fuss over it) to make them pretty.

Three bottles of wine, lots of candles, and a long card game that kept the three of us at the table (me wrapped in a blanket) long after dark. (When night fell, Cassidy took down the patio umbrella and they watched the stars by candlelight between hands.)

These are good days.

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