Monday, July 13, 2009

string around a finger

I want to remember to make this again. We had a surprisingly autumnal/wintery dinner this evening, and it was delicious. Think how great it would be in autumn! I had a lot of things I needed to use up: a baked sweet potato, waiting to be made into the tart, and blueberries (for the tart and other things), figs (only four of them were still good), and kale going to seed in the garden.

So I chopped up the good figs and cooked them with the blueberries - and cooked the blueberries down a bit more this time. No cream on hand, so a small splash of nonfat milk (didn't want to think the potato too much) had to suffice. I used less sugar overall, and less brandy, and cooked the sweet-potato-custard in this frozen (thawed) pie crust for 20 minutes at 350 degrees F while I cooked the berries. I cooked it for another 20 or 25 after adding the berries on top - basically, until the pie crust was all nice and golden brown.

We had it with dinner: slices of local Essential Bakery walnut bread, roasted beets (his were dressed with horseradish vinagrette, mine were dressed with a simple lemon juice vinagrette) and crumbled chevre, roughly chopped steamed kale topped with a gruyere cheese sauce and nutmeg, and a glass of merlot.

Oh, and candles. Seems a must-do for a quiet dinner for two, curled up on the couch, food spread across the coffee table, sipping and eating and chatting.

Yeah. I think this will be pretty fab in autumn, too.


Mervat said...

I am loving your blog and all the recipes and art! You have even inspired me to start my own recipe blog (along with my other two!).

All the best. I'll be back!

sarah said...

just surfed on in here and had to comment, great pics on your blog, I am inspired!