Friday, July 16, 2010

getting over that hurdle

sometimes I convince myself that something is going to be difficult to do, and then I procrastinate. The longer I procrastinate, the more time I have to convince myself that this is gonna be so hard and sometimes things never get done!

I waited far, far too long to start Colette's Ceylon dress - and then when I finally knocked it out, I was surprised how easy it was. I like to take my time cutting, so that everything is smooth and pinned and darts are all clearly and perfectly marked, etc. - it's kind of like setting up the mise-en-place in cooking: it takes me a long while, but everything goes so much more smoothly if one is properly prepared. To wit: I put this together in two evenings, lickety-split!

The top picture gives a better sense of the rich plummy eggplant colour of this lambswool flannel dress (so pretty, so warm!!), but I had to include a detail of the buttons because all hope of an affordable project went out the window when the button-buying process began. Cass found these lovelies quickly, and though we went through many other buttons, putting them all against the dress in the back of the fabric store, his first instinct definitely won the day. Aren't they cute? I usually would do something art-nouveau-floral-y and in a darkened brass or bronze against this dress; I like it when Cass helps me pick, because his eye is so different. It's very refreshing to change things up!

Yet again, Colette wins my heart with perfectly graded and beautiful patterns - Sarai, you are amazing, thank you!

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