Sunday, February 27, 2011

a bit of flare

a new project, inspired by one of my new favorite blogs: honestlywtf, a bit of almost-daily fashion/home/lifestyle inspiration, with a good dose of DIY projects injected into the mix, which I really like. Upon seeing friendship-bracelet-style necklaces featured in Flare magazine, they posted their own DIY version to create the look for less. I loved the idea - and the fact that this was a project that I could work on here and there over a long time, without feeling like I was failing to complete something (an anxiety which I just can't take any more of, lately).

I stopped at...7 or 8 or however many there are here because I couldn't find a larger cap to use as a crimp bead around all of these. Probably a good thing, too, or I would've driven myself crazy trying to come up with all possible combinations of these colours.

What do you think? Personally, I can't wait to don this this week with that green crinkle silk tee I made last year.


Zia Madeira said...

That is really beautiful!

Jennifer said...

I've had one of these in progress on a clipboard for way too long now; I'm always impatient to move on to the next project!

I love the colors you put together for your necklace, and how you finished it off with the caps and toggle. A really lovely design!

Urban Weeds said...

Just wanted to pop by your blog and say thank you for your thoughtful comment on Urban Weeds! I'll start shooting in a few of those iconic locations... Powells was at the top of my list. Gotta shoot there.

Thanks again!

Honestly...WTF said...

You did a fantastic job! You should be very proud of yourself. I know how long each one of those knots takes. Can't wait to see what you do with the leopard cord.
thanks for sharing,

Anonymous said...

how and where did you get the clasp and toggle?? thank you for sharing