Sunday, March 27, 2011

spring break: anthropologie treasure trade necklace

I loved anthropologie's Treasure Trade Necklace from the first moment I saw it - but, c'mon, $198? Fat chance. $50 later, I have a lot of leftover wood beads (since my local shop would only let me buy them on strings), a LOT of leftover gold foiling/leafing supplies, a bracelet made from some of the leftovers, and this:
totally worth it.


David said...

Love the necklace! I'm dying for this too and find the price to be exorbitant. Leave it to Anthro I guess. Question - where did you find the Xtra large size beads? I can only seem to find the small ones (about the size of an acorn). Got the gold foil and lacquer already though. Your necklace came out rad! I would totally buy it off you! :)

Hazel said...

My name is Hazel (shmazelita) by the way (not David as per the previous comment - I was accidentally logged into his email account). Just in case you thought some random guy was trying to make the necklace. Funny though.

fleur_delicious said...
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fleur_delicious said...

Hazel - too funny. My brother is named David and at first I thought he was teasing me! =)

My big beads aren't wood at all; they're some kind of seed pod. They were much more difficult to foil, and I think they don't look quite as nice as the smooth gilded wood, but like you, I couldn't find big wood beads anywhere! If you're in Seattle, the bead shop on Roosevelt and 95th, in Mapleleaf, is where I found mine.

So glad someone else is DIY-ing this. It is fun to play with the gilding! =) Will you send me a link when you finish yours? I'd love to see how it turns out - and if you manage to find big wood beads, let me know where! I would totally make this necklace again with even bigger beads if I could.