Wednesday, June 15, 2011

all food and no crafts?

a little lean on things to show, except for all the excellent nosh we've been making! Saturday is our Swedish Midsommar party (five years running now!) and we are really pulling out the stops this time: I am making cloudberry cake and trying a recipe for black pansy sorbet and we have the last jar of foie gras from Paris to open, etc. etc. Should be a lot of fun.

So it's all cooking and cleaning and cleaning out closets and returning borrowed things and streamlining the house as much as possible these days. We gave these crab cakes with cilantro, corn, and chili a spin two nights ago and boy, were they ever amazing!

The only change we made was to use fresh corn kernels cut from 1 ear of corn, rather than canned. And we just spritzed ours with fresh lime juice - I think Cass topped his with some guacamole - and they were absolutely delicious. Totally recommend. And if you've got a Whole Foods near you, check the cooler case in the fish department; they are now selling pre-packed 8oz. containers of different grades of crab meat. We got the cheap stuff, at $6.99 (I think?) and it was just fine. Nice to have an affordable option for crab just as summer comes (hopefully soon!)

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Alicia P. said...

thank you for the candle recommendation, my darling -- and you are totally reading my crabcake-craving mind with these -- just printed out the recipe. Thanks! xo