Wednesday, June 22, 2011

our Midsommar traditions: floral flair

Another reason to love Midsommar: it is traditional to wear a flower crown, or flowers on your person, even if you are a grown-up. The last three hours before the party, a crack team of three of us were quickly whipping up crowns, headbands, corsages...
and boutonnieres for all the gents. Of course, it's Seattle, so you practically have to push any kind of attention-getting accessory onto people.

But the results are charming, no? That's me in the middle with two friends. We're all nearly 6' tall and as such, if you put us together, we're mistaken for relatives - or for each other, which is extra-amusing. One classmate's husband came bounding up to Natalie on the left there, in the green skirt, hugged her, and exclaimed how good it was to see her again (they've never met). She just went along with it, and then my husband, dying of laughter, pointed out that that girl was not the hostess. Ah, midsommar madness.

I keep hoping that some of my friends who had cameras will send me some more pics of everyone looking extra-darling with all these flowers! (We even broke out about a hundred golden sparklers later, to take the place of the traditional bonfire - you'd be surprised how fun it is to run around in the dark with a sparkler, even as a grown-up. It was great to see everyone making shapes and laughing together in the dark).

Happy Summer, everyone!

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Linda Villard said...

I love ��this as I am 4' 11"