Saturday, November 26, 2011

next: hot streak clutch

I'm loving the envelope-clutches with a bright stripe of neon paint down the middle lately. It seems like they are everywhere! This is the hot streak clutch from anthropologie. It's quite small, actually, only 6.75" high and 9" wide - but $148. Ouch! Definitely one to DIY.

From the reviews I learned it's rather squishy-soft, so it doesn't need very stiff leather to make it - which means I may be able to do it on my machine and not have to buy a sewing awl. And it looks to me like it's lined in very lightweight suede. Okay.

I'm starting my first test run now; pics soon if it works out. It'll be about the same size, but lined in a heavier weight leather (I'm using up what I've got on hand); it's a good test for my sewing machine to see if it can handle the bulk, with a leather needle and heavy-duty thread. The little button/knob closures - whatever you call them - cost about $2.50 at Tandy Leather, and my mother in law was telling me over Thanksgiving that she actually has a bunch of deerskin hides that she once purchased and is never going to use (how PERFECT, no?) so if the test-run works, I'm definitely going to make a big pretty one, maybe even make some for gifts!


Jennifer said...

How funny--I picked up a couple of fluorescent and metallic colors of acrylic paint this afternoon to make my own attempt at this type of clutch! I'm planning just an envelope style with no gusset like this one has, and a button stud closure... luckily I have a few of them leftover from an old project, and know I can pick some more up at one of the sewing supply stores near my work in NYC if I need to. I've wanted to make one since I first saw the ones that Claire Vivier sells for much more than I can afford to pay :) I can't wait to see how yours comes out! I'd suggest that you might want to get a teflon-coated presser foot for your sewing machine; it's supposed to help keep feed the leather through without jamming. This is the type I got for mine (on eBay, but maybe Hancock or Joann's would have it?):

Jennifer said...

I just clicked on the link to the Anthro purse, and see that it is a Claire Vivier--crazy prices, right?

fleur_delicious said...

ha, we are totally on the same wavelength! I think when I have more leather, I'll do it without the gusset myself - but this thing is so darn small, I think the gusset is necessary. I love the oversize ones I've been seeing on women's arms at various fashion weeks since last winter.

THanks for the tip about the foot! I totally hadn't thought about that, and you're right - the stuff I have to use for a lining is going to pull. I have a few days while I get five coats of paint on the leather (trying to get a smooth finish) to source the rest of the things I'll need - I'm sure my local sewing shop will have a foot.

Can't wait to see your results! Oh, won't we be tres chic with our new clutches?

Jennifer said...

I'm just learning that it does take many coats and much patience to get a smooth finish with this paint. I haven't tried it on the leather yet, but am attempting to jazz up some wood beads I bought. I bought the cheapest store brand paint at the craft store, but I don't think that has anything to do with it... we'll see!