Thursday, August 2, 2012

harvest 2012: nasturtium capers

we're running about a month early this year, as far as flowers blooming (my peonies are nearly DONE) and crops ready for harvest. I've already put in some golden beets for fall (never had luck growing my own beets - once again, fingers crossed!) and have pulled out the peas. I've been harvesting our first tomatoes and tons of lettuce and I have FAVA BEANS coming on. (Oh man, I had favas for the first time last year and wondered where they'd been all my life. LOVE them.)

This is the first batch of nasturtium capers, and I've got a bowl of nasturtium pods in the fridge getting ready for the next one. I want to wait a few days and pick over the nasturtiums again and get another big jar going.

I seriously love these. They may be "poor man's capers," but I love them way more than the real deal! Find my post from last year, and a link to the recipe, here.

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