Friday, February 22, 2013

out of season

inspired by a jar of "bluebarb jam" with cute packaging that I saw on Pinterest, and by the arrival of the first stalks of rhubarb in the grocery stores, I made this blueberry-rhubarb crisp this week. It was delicious!

I always get really excited when the rhubarb finally starts showing up in the grocery stores. My own backyard rhubarb plants are coming up, but the greenhouse stuff is always way ahead of my own young plants.  Sure, the stalks I bought were pale and super thin - it's very early yet - but I can't help it: I see rhubarb and I start to think about fiddlehead ferns, garlic scapes, sorrel (actually, that *is* ready to be harvested from the garden already), nettles, and all the first wild and bright flavours of spring.

We're getting close! I started sowing spring vegetables last weekend (peas, rapini, and some mesclun greens and cool season spinach) and sowed purple poppies among the lily bulbs in my front flowerbed on Tuesday. I cannot wait for things to begin sprouting in earnest - but for now, I'm perfectly content to weed, prune (our winter's been so mild my roses got an early start), and clear the beds, to make room for the next growing season. It's a time of happy anticipation.

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