Saturday, March 9, 2013


finished that bracelet today! I'll edit the photos and post the results (and a tutorial) tomorrow; for now, I'm too tired to do much more than post these snippets from the garden (details below), where I put in a good three hours or so today, sowing carrots and purslane, cilantro and parsley, poppies, potatoes and sunflowers for this spring and summer.

Top left: The rapini I sowed in February is already coming up! I love seeing those little lines of green appear - like magic! - every year. I've got spinach and mesclun greens coming up from seed, too. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for signs of the mache and frisee to start following suit.
Top middle: chives!
Top right: the first of three rhubarbs starts to stir it sleepy head!

Bottom left: I finally cleared the last of the four veggie beds of its winter bed of straw. I put carrots and purslane in around the few remaining kale and broccoli plants.
Bottom middle: each mound houses a rose finn apple fingerling potato start
Bottom right: I'm experimenting with the vertical method of growing potatoes this year, for the first time. French fingerlings in these wire cages, in a mix of soil and partially-composted garden refuse. We'll see how it works - and how high I can get them to grow!

Alright. Bracelet tomorrow! I've got to go soak my aching back.

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