Thursday, March 21, 2013

tiny petals

Oh, baby clothes. They kill me. Never really wanted children of my own, but I do SO LOVE the exquisite tiny clothes. Always have. When I was a girl, I wanted to make doll clothes. As an adult, baby clothes totally feed that same drive to indulge in the details.
One of my professors just gave birth to a baby girl, Elitsa. She's only been at our department for a year and a half, but she is so generous with her time, so down to earth, and so supportive of us doctoral students. I contributed to the collective fund for the Ph.D. baby gift, but I wanted to do something more personal. So I made this adorable romper, out of a linen and rayon blend. It buttons up the back and the criss-crossed straps are adjustable - there are buttons on the inside of the back placket and each strap has two buttonholes.
The embroidery pattern is something I saw on a beautiful Japanese baby romper. I sketched one half of it, scanned it and mirrored it in photoshop, then printed it out and traced it onto some water-soluble stabilizer and embroidered it in basic DMC floss, using colours I already had on hand.

I really really really love how this turned out. I think, sometimes, that I might be happy making gorgeous, one-of-a-kind kids' clothes forever. No. Joke.


Alicia P. said...





You rule, girl. That is a princess romper.

fleur_delicious said...

Thanks, Alicia! Coming from you, this is high praise - your taste (and skill in making) children's clothing is impeccable!

Speaking of which ... how much longer will I resist the siren song of citronville??

Thanks again!