Thursday, March 28, 2013

meanwhile, in the garden...

a rare sight in Seattle in March: sunny days. We've actually had sunshine the last three days running; I honestly don't remember ever having such weather during spring break at the university (not in the last five years of my PhD or during my undergraduate years). What a treat! Sure, I have to be inside, working - but I've been opening the windows and doors (though it's a bit chilly) and letting the fresh air in.

The deck is filling up with tiny pots in which I've transplanted onion seedlings and rhubarb starts, and sown Shirley poppies (they've come up already; I thinned the seedlings today), sunflowers ("mammoth"-something or "giant"-something, I can't recall at the moment...) and calendula. I have such a hankering to be outside these days, and once again, I really really really want to install yet another vegetable bed. There's something about growing your own produce - once you get going, just want to keep going. And every year, by midsummer, I'm bored because there's no space left to fill with plants. (That's when the shovel comes out and we lose a few more square inches of grass! )

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