Friday, June 13, 2014

project 52:37

acrylic and nail polish on paper

Wow ... what happened to this week?

Sorry about that. Lots of freelancing, and a fair amount of Midsommar prep (photos forthcoming) and some seasonal, non-Midsommar-related food preservation (candied angelica, anyone?) completely absorbed my days this week. I crashed in bed around 9pm most nights, completely exhausted. Woof! What a week!

This was last week's postcard, though I missed the postman and so it didn't actually go out until Monday this week. The line came from Nicola Griffith's Hild, which I just finished last week. I loved this book, my first experience of historical fiction. If you are like me, and enjoy reading books with lots of sensory details and much attention paid to the natural environment (flora, fauna), I think you might like this book. If you like books with strong female protagonists, and down-to-earth interpretations of "magic" (Hild's uncanny predictions are all based in careful observation - not anything supernatural at all, just a watchful eye and a sharp mind, able to make sense of patterns), I think you might like this book. And if you're kind of mildly obsessed with medieval Britian (even though you *know* it was a violent and unstable period, and probably not all that fun to live through/during), you might like this book. =) I personally can't wait for Griffith to  (hopefully?) churn out a second volume - she indicates in the afterword that she is already starting on the next chapter of Hild's life, and I am so hungry for more!

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