Tuesday, June 17, 2014

project 52:38

acrylic and nail polish on paper

Ugh, okay, I know, this month is SO getting away from me. Last week was a blur of freelance work, this week is a blur of housework, gardening, cooking, and hanging party decor as we gear up for Midsommar on Saturday. However, that does mean lots of pictures of food in the next few days. In fact, we'll start today; I will post again this evening, just to kick things off. That's right, this month is getting back on track!

But to the card at hand. I can't believe this is week 38 already. This project has been such a great process. I'm looking forward to having the extra five hours (approx) back every week after I finish in September, but  I'm really enjoying looking at the images in the folder on my desktop for this project, as it fills up. It must be pretty cool to hold all of the originals in your hands, together.

Last week, Cass and I were out berry picking in the mountains with his folks. I feel like I finally proved myself somehow as a forager, because the alpine strawberry pickings were pretty lean, and I suggested we go back to a place where we usually go for huckleberries and/or blackberries - because I remembered noting last year that there were alpine strawberry plants clustered there, some with a few mummified berries left on the plants. I was surprised they went along with it, trusted my suggestion - but the whole family did, and we went out and found a great clutch of alpine strawberries. We picked for a couple of hours in the sunshine, and as we loaded back up into the car afterward, Cass found this gorgeous Golden Bupestrid (aka Golden Jewel Beetle) on some gravel. We snapped some quick photos - it was so sparkly! - before it flew away. So here, rendered in pointillistic acrylic, is a Golden Bupestrid for my brother, the memory of a golden summer day spent just the way golden summer days should be: out enjoying the sunshine and those fleeting treats of the season, wild berries.

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