Thursday, July 3, 2014

project 52:40

ink and acrylic on paper

A rather simple one this week, but a pattern I've absolutely fallen in love with. Last week, I volunteered to help with the setup for a nonprofit fundraising event on Bainbridge Island - the Rotary Club's annual auction. This auction/tag sale is truly massive; it takes over a whole middle school, and everything from housewares to clothes to books to tents to sinks and tubs to boats to cars are up for sale. It's dizzying. Hundreds of volunteers put in I-couldn't-guess-how-many hours during the ten-day setup. I volunteered in the furniture tent, pricing rugs and unloading all kinds of things from the backs of people's trucks. As we finished pricing the last of the rugs, one of the women working in the tent brought over a few more goodies - beautiful handwoven 100% wool rugs from Mexico. Out of gratitude for my help, the pricers cut me a deal and let me take two of them home - a small 2' X 3' one in gorgeous reds, purples, and oranges, and a nice long (albeit narrow) runner with this pattern (but in bold cherry red and a deeper indigo blue). I've handwashed the little rug already and plan to do the same with the big one. As I haven't got a lovely long hallway in which to put it, I think I'll use the runner as a table runner. (Is that silly? It's so thick! And of course, I'm afraid of it getting dirty and having to clean it too often - I don't want to the dyes to wash out or become muted!) It's so lovely, though, and a nice momento of yet another sunny summery day spent on that pretty little island.

Can you believe this is postcard 40 already? Only twelve left ... I've become so used to doing these, it's strange to think of this project ending.

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