Tuesday, July 29, 2014

project 52:42 and 43 (back from hiatus)

acrylic wash over woodburned birch
prints available here

Well, well. How've you been? Things have been a little quiet around here, eh? I got my first proofreading job (for a publishing house) a week and a half ago, and promptly dropped everything to devote to freelancing. I'm still catching up, and have to get another two cards posted sometime this week to stay on schedule.

I really like the one above, the plump shapes of sulpice tomatoes, ripening one at a time on the vine. We haven't eaten this whole bunch yet, but we will, by the end of the week. The garden is getting so out of my control lately; I should probably take a day tomorrow and just paint and garden and try to get back on top of it - and don't even get me started on the lawn. I mowed the front a while ago, but left the back for Cass - with the result that it still hasn't been done. Uf. For some reason, this summer, I just can't seem to keep up. So busy. (Maybe this project has something to do with it! And the clothes for Months and Years - I'm making good progress there, more to show soon!)

acrylic and spraypaint on paper

While I prefer the tomatoes, this project is definitely about pushing myself to produce something every week - even when I'm not sure what. And sometimes, that means I dabble and experiment and play. I made this rose stencil (not sure if you can make it out so well, with all the various washes and such here?) to do some Alabama-Chanin-style reverse-applique patching on a quilt that is falling to pieces. I'll post pictures of that project, too, when it's finished. I spraypainted the rose on first, in black, and later stenciled it again, in a translucent glaze of pthalo green paint and acrylic medium. There are several brilliant washes - pink, orange, yellow, going on here, too. Busy, busy. Not my usual style, but the energetic colors are interesting to me, and  it's always good to try something new!

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