Tuesday, April 12, 2016


On Monday we went for a walk north of our neighborhood for several miles. On the way we came across a Little Free Library. I was curious and peeked in, and found this gem! It's a hardcover facsimile of an English naturalist's journal from the year 1906.

It's just beautiful; look at these illustrations and hand-written observations. The whole year's in here, too; I think I'll ration it out month by month, working through it over the course of a year.


Ali news said...

Wonderful fine

Jennifer said...

What a lovely thing to discover! I remember this book from my college years, when a good friend had a copy. Enjoy!

fleur_delicious said...

Jennifer, how delightful! I keep encountering people who knew someone with a copy; it seems like the kind of book that brings certain types of people together, like a secret handshake or nod =)