Friday, April 22, 2016

two of a kind

Uf, this month. I still feel like I'm shaking off some kind of fog called too much work. But on the upside, I think things are settling down for the summer season (which is quieter for me), and the good weather is helping me feel like I can get more done.
Lots of pink and coral and orange in my world right now: from peony tulips ("wedding gift") opening up and making me realize that yes, there is a tulip out there that excites me (most tulips just don't wow me, to be honest - I love the big fields of them, but I find them unsatisfying except en masse like that. THESE, however, are different!) to a pinky-coral-apricot quilt of cute little fox-faces for friends who are about to have their first child.

I'll get you a better picture of the full quilt top when the sun come back - or maybe even if it doesn't; the only shot I have of it right now was taken quite late at night (just as I finished it, of course, and was oh-so-eager to document and share IMMEDIATELY).


It's supposed to rain this weekend. Ho-hum. I don't quite know what to do with myself. Perhaps we'll go about setting up the garage - FINALLY - and getting closer to wrapping up the end of the moving-in. (I'd say "I can't believe we haven't completed this process yet!" but that would be an outright lie! I knew we were going to drag our heels on this final stage - oh well. We do need to just get it done, though. We really do.)

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