Monday, April 23, 2007

le jardin

dappled afternoon shadows plays across pineapple sage, allyssum, and rosemary

it's long overdue: time to start posting new garden pics. I would have had some up sooner, but gophers made a meal out of my first garden arrangement. This necessitated quick transfer of valuable survivors to pots. A hard day's work with Justin in March lead to the establishment of a flower/herb garden in front of the fence (at last!), but the interior still languishes, waiting patiently for more fuscias, dicentra, and fern to fill its shady ranks with gopher-unfriendly greens. Photos of the windowbox will have to wait until it fills out a bit.

chives at the gate, how green are these lawns?

fresh peas! blossom still attached (just how i like 'em)

how gorgeous is this african blue basil? dark new leaves, chartreuse mature leaves, purple flowers

this jasmine smells intense! it's growing over an inch a week!

the front garden, somewhat more filled in: rosemary, chives, lavendar, pineapple sage, ranunculus, jasmine, allyssum

these will be tomatoes one day. and then we will eat them.

my hardworking assistant

i spy lavendar and chives

mint finds a sunny spot by the door.

i hope eventually to house many of the herbs herbs in brightly-coloured hanging pots like this

the heat has made us tired - au revoir!

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Ian said...

I'm a particular fan of Lavender too having two plants in my little garden. There is nothing better than rubbing the plant and then sniffing the odour on one's fingers.