Sunday, May 20, 2007

work in progress?

I picked up this sheer cotton Lux top (sleeveless, deep V neck, with opaque vertical stripe) for a song a year or two ago at one of those fabulous after-Christmas sales that Urban Outfitters has. It has little drawstrings under the bust to gather the empire seaming. There was a seam on the left side of the neck that needed a little restitching after someone with an apparently too-large chest tried it on. I could have simply sewed it up, but I've been meaning to do something more with it. My solution? The needle, of course. The poppy (worked in basketweave, satin stitch, and french knots) is adapted from one I saw on some drapery in an Anthropologie catalogue from fall 2004. I am debating adding a bit more to it, but we shall see. Thus far, I like it. I didn't finish this in time for Beltaine, but even as it is (finished? in progress?), I think it will make a lovely part of my look on Litha (Solstice).

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Nicolle said...

What a lovely little blog. I have no idea how I came upon it but I like it very much!