Sunday, May 27, 2007

may-december jacket

I began this linen-cotton canvas jacket in late December, inspired by the sleeves on a jacket in Burberry's spring 2007 line, a kind of "circle jacket" that I'd seen somewhere - craftster, perhaps?, and my own lack of a shrug/bolero for those times when only my arms need a bit of coverage.

I'd pretty well put it together before class got back in, but had sketched out an embroidery pattern which I never finished. Originally started in amber silk, but decided I wanted a change and swapped to an aqua cotton definitely inspired by the wonderful world of Alicia Paulson over at Posie Gets Cozy.

I have a couple of chocolate leather buttons and will ultimately make a little closure for it, but for now, it's ready to wear out! Details of stitching (satin stitch, laisy daisy, back stitch, split stitch, french knots) below:

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shadowplay said...

That's such a pretty jacket! Don't know if you posted it on craftster, but if you did I bet it's getting a lot of compliments. Among all the thing I like about it, I like the sleeves very much, I don't think they're very common. And the embroidery is wonderful.