Friday, June 1, 2007


haunted. oilbar and pencil on canvas. 30" X 40." 2006.

after much worry, and not a few tears when I thought they might have disappeared, Haunted (above) and The Messenger (a bit further below) arrived safely at their new home. This marks the first time that I've sold work outside my family, and also the first time that my paintings have contributed to providing me the lifestyle I dream about: the funds they brought in, paired with the loans I've squirreled away throughout the year, comprise just enough for me to live a lean, but job-free summer. I've been unemployed before, so I know how to live - even thrive - simply. The gift of time is amazing, I'm still having trouble believing it's really going to happen.

So that's it. Goodbye, little ones, and thank you. I will miss you. But you're in good hands, you are loved already.

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claydancer said...

You do some lovely work. I'm most excited to hear that you are a Santa Barbarian. I moved to Northern Ca in 1997 but still have the heart of a beach girl. We are in a nice town, Chico and just spent the evening picking cherries in an enormous tree. I enjoy getting to know new people through their hobbies, studies, jobs, etc.