Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I tried, but I couldn't get all of it in! here's most of it:

from top: swedish rye sliced thin and wasa; three different mustards; gorgonzola; havarti, gouda, sheep gouda, gruyere, salami, and cucumber slices; pickled beets; herring in mustard sauce; gravlax with dill; split pea (and ham) soup; swedish meatballs with turnip and potato mash and lingonberries; strawberries; Anna's ginger thins; steamed asparagus in raspberry vinagrette with chopped pecans.

not pictured: akvavit, salmiakki, the other wines/alcoholic drinks, Swedish lingonberry drink, whipped cream for those berries, candy dish piled to overflowing with three types of black licorice.

looking at this picture makes me wish we could eat it all over again. yummmm


ellen said...

I would eat any and all of that. YUM. What a beautiful place you have created.

natalie said...

MELT! I love it. especially the part about salmiakki.. mmmm. I would have hopped a plane for that.