Saturday, June 30, 2007

the grindstone

I'm working steadily away on fresh projects, fresh canvases, fresh feasts (the 4th is on the way, after all!) to share: I offer the above (exhibit A) as some proof that my silence indicates that there is much being done around here, if I haven't much to show for it.

However, my real reason to post today is to pop in and thank those of you who have been leaving comments. I don't know how these blog things get out - some kind of word-of-mouth or interested clicks or maybe even a label search? But I am so excited to learn that there are individuals out there who have been reading. Thank you! And leaving such kind, thoughtful comments - again, thank you!

I'll be leaving now, but rest assured, I'm off to plan this week's menu (including something tasty and exciting for the 4th) and then I've painting, sewing, befeathering and quite a bit of reading to do, as I'm behind schedule on R.F. Foster's history of Ireland.

my best to you, dear readers, whomever and wherever you are!

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ellen said...

What a lovely place you have created. Your, sewing, embroidery and painting are impressive. Thanks for sharing! I'll be back. Happy 4th!